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At Beegrip, we are responsible for the design and manufacture of high performance Anti Skid Coating System, Bimagrip®.

A small company with a big heritage, we began operating in January 2018 after a management buy-out (MBO) of the Bimagrip® anti-skid coating business from RS Clare Ltd. Developed in the late 1980’s, Bimagrip® has been widely used in both the Marine and Civil industries. Bimagrip® is the only high performance, anti-skid coating system with a 25 year track in the highly demanding Marine environment. Headquartered in Manchester, UK, with a liaison office in Ulsan, South Korea, we work with a global network of agents, distributors and applicators. Our aim is to deliver a local service, supported with global coverage and a commitment to continuously improve customer service, consistency and cost effectiveness. Bimagrip® is manufactured in the UK in an ISO9001 and ISO14001 environment. For examples of our work, see Case Studies, and to read more about what our clients think of us, see Testimonials

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